June 5, 2018

FootBalance: The Result

Total body alignment starts with the feet. Over 75% of the population suffers from misalignment such as overpronation. As a result of purchasing your FootBalance 100% Custom Insoles you have taken an energetic step towards full body alignment. You will notice instant arch hugging support and feel the comfort coming from the high level of cushioning. Your FootBalance 100% Custom Insole is interchangeable to any shoe in your wardrobe, you may just need to remove the sock liner.

Other benefits of the Footbalance 100% Custom Insoles will but obvious throughout the 30 day satisfaction guarantee period. Spending the day on your feet causes your feet to fatigue and lose energy, especially if your feet are not adequately supported. FootBalance 100% Custom Insoles integrated balance plate not only provides support for your feet something existing insoles in your footwear do not, but also unlike rigid orthotics, they are dynamic and flex, which returns energy to your feet. This will help with all thoughts stairs around the office or thoughts morning walks to college or school.

As an athlete your FootBalance 100% Custom Insoles will work as hard as you will! We all know Football is demanding for your feet. Further to this we all know there is minimal arch support in your football boots and without proper support underfoot we sacrifice speed, endurance, agility and the ability to control the ball. FootBalance QuickFit Control provide proper support underfoot to help improve efficiency for better endurance, shock absorption, stability and ball control.

When running, knowing your foot type and arch type and support both with our FootBalance 100% Custom Insoles while greatly improve your health, performance and long-term enjoyment of the sport. FootBalance 100% Custom Sports Insoles support your feet over those long miles of unforgiving surfaces and increase shock absorption giving you better endurance, energy return through the flexible insole and injury prevention.

The impact of each foot striking the ground in running is equivalent of three to five times of your body weight – or more! As you run this is repeated at every step, which can cause stress injuries, pain and excess wear on joints. Plantar fasciitis, shin splints and runner’s knee are common injuries that occur from impact. Independent research confirms that FootBalance Custom Insoles have the potential to prevent injuries. Click the link to learn more. http://bit.ly/2xwwpbI

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