January 27, 2020

Choosing the correct leggings to suit your lifestyle | Wherever You Take Training

When exercising choosing the right leggings can be an important process but with so many brands, sizes and options available it’s hard to know what pair to choose to suit your active lifestyle. When making your choice. Consider some of the below factors.


Whatever activity you want to take part in, being comfortable should be your main priority.

Your choice of leggings should be dependent on your activity and how strenuous it will be/how you will exert yourself.  A variety of designs offer characteristics that do everything from keeping your muscles warm and dry to compressing your lower body.


Pants are available in various materials and thickness, offering various levels of warmth/breathability .

For less strenuous activity, or for general day to day wear, a heavier cotton-based material would suffice.  However, for more strenuous activity such as running it’s important to choose pants with some synthetic material, as 100-percent cotton pants will hold moisture and sweat close to your body. . Look for fabrics like polyester, nylon, Spandex, Elastane etc

Type of pants

Tights are a popular choice, particularly if active in colder weather.  Some tights offer compression features, which can help reduce muscle fatigue and speed up recovery.

Running pants can range from heavy to lightweight warm-up pants. For milder temperatures, look out for pants that advertise good breathability or ventilation. Heavier running pants include thermal pants, which offer heavy, moisture-wicking fabrics to battle cold temperatures.

Pants Length/Waist/Fit

Most running tights will come in a set length and waist size, so it’s important to check the size guide below before buying and try on wherever possible.

  • Capri or 3/4 length tights tend to sit just below the knee
  • 7/8-length tights sit lower on the calves

Make sure the tights also fit your waist accordingly and are suited to out activity.

  • Low-rise are designed to sit low on the hips
  • Mid-rise are designed to sit between the hips and the navel
  • High-rise are designed to sit high on the hips, higher than the navel.

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Ask a member of our staff if you’re unsure of what tights to choose

Opaque Running Tights

Some materials can become transparent/almost see-through when stretched, so opt for tights which remain opaque even when stretched.

Other Features

There are extra features on a wide selection of pants, such as reflective strips/patches for visibility at night, various shapes and sizes of pockets on both the interior and exterior of the product.

Once you’re sure of what technical features you’re looking for in your pants/leggings, there will be a wide variety of styles/colours to choose from.

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