February 18, 2021

How To Choose The Right Workout For Your Fitness Goals | Intersport Elverys

Wherever training takes you, your squad is always there to inspire and support you. When you think you’ve reached your limit, your squad is there to push you through that last rep.

And we are here for you too, to guide you and give you access to all the latest styles and innovation from the world’s best sports brands including Nike, adidas, Puma, Underarmour and more.

Have you been training recently or looking to start but are unsure what the most effective workout is for your goals? We’re often asked this by our customers and  we would like to give you a run through of the different workouts you can choose to suit your fitness goals. Not only the type of workout that is right for you but more importantly why these workouts are recommended for varying fitness goals.

The key question to ask yourself is, what is your goal when engaging in some form of physical exercise? Be that for your chosen sport or hobby and to simply recognise the importance and the benefits associated with exercise whatever your level may be.

Secondly, having identified the above, to also recognise the fact during these challenging times many of your friends, gyms and online training communities have now developed ways for you to engage in some form of training. With our help, and the equipment we offer you can be safe in the knowledge that you don’t have to train alone and you can begin or continue to strive towards your individualised goals.

Many online communities are now offering ways for both the general population and athletes alike to strive towards their goals, structured by the intensity of the workout or training regimes. With many of the facilities, training pitches and many more exercise outlets now closed, people are lacking the exposure to much of the equipment necessary for many forms of training. Gym equipment can prove to be massively beneficial for many workouts, from resistance training, to cardio based training or training involving forms of strength and flexibility, such as yoga and pilates.

Whatever your workout may be, we provide the equipment needed, big and small for these forms of exercise. This combined with advice and workouts from ourselves and professionals online, we can work together to help you get through these tough times and continue along the road to reaching your goals.

You can avail of some of our home workouts here Full Body Workout Using Bodyweight Exercises , Full Body Workout At Home With Dumbbells , HIIT Workout To Try At Home How To Get The Best Cardio Workout At Home 

Products like resistance bands, mats, kettlebells and more can really help intensify your workouts at home. With that in mind some of the bigger equipment like exercise bikes, treadmills, rowers and cross trainers, from brands like NordicTrack & Proform, are a life saver for anyone who is really missing the gym. It’s never been a better time to work on your home gym set up.

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Women training on an exercise bike , women running on a treadmill

Before delving into the specifics of training and its many forms it is important for you to step back and assess what exactly you would like to achieve and ask yourself where you would like to make your gains. Frequently asked questions and issues raised are those relating to weight loss, increases in cardio fitness, toning and aspirations to increase strength and flexibility.

Different Types of Fitness

While being at home many of the above forms of online workouts will encompass all of the above with some workouts being more specific and tailored to your needs.

Strength training;

Strength training with weights, dumbbells, kettlebells and even resistance bands will involve moving your own body weight with some form of weight at a moderate intensity. Strength training is massively beneficial for weight loss. With the resistance based nature of the exercise you can begin to tone your muscles and in turn your body shape.

Cardiovascular training

Cardio training will involve exercising for a long period of time again at a moderate intensity with other forms of training such as high intensity interval training being performed over a shorter period of time. Mixing any cardio training such as walking, jogging, running or cycling with any form of strength training can really tone your muscles and your body shape. The combination of both forms and perhaps substituting the cardiovascular based training with high intensity interval training can prove to be hugely beneficial for weight loss and increases in strength and lean muscle mass.

Some of you may be looking to run or walk indoors if you have a treadmill or outdoors but unsure on which is best, there are benefits for both and you can find more information on that on our Treadmill Running Vs. Outdoor Running blog.

Women running on a treadmill and a women running on the road

Strength and flexibility

Additionally, if you are looking to increase your strength and flexibility, yoga and pilates are popular and effective means of doing so. These are ideal for an individual when perhaps dealing with any health issues, be that a cardiovascular issue, any muscle issues, or something as simple as being conscious of one’s weight.

Dependent on your needs and goals, be confident in the knowledge that a mixture of all of the above will be beneficial in terms of reaching a desired outcome. Coming back to the why in this instance is essential in order to identify which level may suit you initially.

Additionally no matter what type of exercise regime you have, whether it is core sessions, jogging, swimming, training or matches, preparing your body nutritionally and physically for exercise is vital. You can learn more on that in our Preparing & Recovering Your Body blog.

Man and Women working out

So where do I start? 

Still unsure what amount of exercise is appropriate for you? If so we advise you to start small, with less vigorous forms of exercise and gradually increasing this as you feel fit. With the use of some gym equipment, you can benefit hugely, again starting small and intensifying the workouts as time passes. With this in mind, remember to keep looking for relevant information, consult with knowledgeable friends and fitness professionals when starting out or continuing on your fitness journey.

Remember when starting out it is important not to become discouraged if the workout is too strenuous, just go at your own pace and ability and make use of any equipment that is available and suited to your goals.

Lastly, and most importantly, particularly during these challenging times engaging in some form of exercise, be that structured or recreational can have multiple health benefits such as reducing your stress and fatigue levels and increasing your energy and general mood. This is an essential footnote in relation to being active and making one aware that “You Never Sport Alone”.

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How To Choose The Right Workout For Your Fitness Goals