May 14, 2020

Full Body Workout Using Only Bodyweight Exercises

An Effective Full Body Workout Using Bodyweight Exercises

So you want to work out at home or on the move, but you have no equipment? No worries: your body is the ultimate workout tool!

Bodyweight exercises are versatile and effective, and can be done virtually anywhere. Here, we’re looking at the benefits of a bodyweight full body workout, which exercises you can incorporate to push your routine to the next level, and which home gym accessories will help your performance reach new heights.

FAQs: Full Body Workouts With Bodyweight Exercises

Tips and tricks to help you put your best foot forward!

Can you build muscle with a home bodyweight workout?

Yes, you can. It can be a little trickier to fatigue muscles using only your bodyweight as resistance. For some, this may mean a lot more repetitions than you would normally do with weights or on machines at the gym.

Focus on slow movements:

You control the movement completely, so focus on slow movements and strong contractions of the target muscle group. Make a concerted effort to fully feel the muscle you are using. Engage the mind with the muscle.

Pay attention to negatives:

Moving slowly on the negative or reverse part of the exercise can be a great help with building muscle.

So, with a standard push up, you emphasize the lowering portion of the exercise, bringing your body towards the ground. Lower slowly for a count of 5 and explode back up. If that’s too easy, try slowly pushing back up instead. Be careful, you might set off the smoke alarm because you’ll be burning up!

This method can be applied to all exercises and is important to keep in mind while doing the full body workout moves listed below.

What exercises are best for a home bodyweight workout?

The best exercises are the ones you enjoy!

Of course, there are some classic exercises that we’ve outlined below. You can’t go wrong with moves like the squat, lunges, push ups, planks (no, not the wooden variety) and dips. We’ve included a few not-so-standard exercises, as with a full body workout you have the luxury of using muscles you forgot you even have!

Can I use weights as part of my home bodyweight workout?

If you do have equipment like dumbbells or kettlebells, incorporate them into the below exercises to add a bit more of a challenge. If you need some inspiration when it comes to choosing the right equipment for you, our home workout guide will get you started.

The important thing is to focus on your own fitness level and what works for you. If you are completely new to working out at home.

How to build a home bodyweight workout programme

We’ve lined up a few of the team’s favourite bodyweight exercises. Remember, it’s your workout, so pick and choose what works for you.

Get set up properly

You might not need any equipment for a great bodyweight strength training workout, but that doesn’t mean you don’t need to prepare for it.

Grab any essentials you need to avoid any distractions during your workout. We have a few non-negotiables during exercise:

  • A water bottle
  • Speakers
  • An energising playlist
  • A towel

Wear the correct clothing

Uncomfortable, tight, stiff clothing can be detrimental to your performance, so make sure you’re wearing a comfortable pair of leggings and shorts, a great sports bra if necessary, and correct trainers.

Look for gym wear that will keep you cool and help wick sweat away from your body, too, for an even more pleasant workout experience.

Our favourite home bodyweight workout

If you are used to being led by a trainer, don’t be too daunted by picking the moves that suit you. The only mistake you can make is not to try!

We recommend 3 sets x 8-10 reps per exercise if you’re starting out. If this feels a little too easy for the super fit people out there, simply increase the reps or slow the movements down.

Jump Squats

Girl working out at home in squat position, jumping upwards, returning to squat

Squat down with your feet just outside your hips, toes pointed slightly outward. Push your feet through the ground and launch upwards. Each time you land go straight down into another squat and repeat. Each jump squat must be performed with maximum effort and precision. Focus on maintaining good balance throughout the move.

Lunge and Reverse Lunge

Girl on yoga mat performing lunge exercise

The lunge is a challenging addition to any full body workout routine. Stand with your feet hip width apart. Step one foot backward and lower your other knee to the ground. Each thigh will be at a 90v degree angle to each shin on both legs as seen above. As your knee comes close to the ground bring it back up to the starting position and repeat with the other leg. Try to keep your knee from touching the floor. If the reverse lunge is a little tricky, try the classic variation, stepping forward into a lunge as opposed to backwards.

Too easy? Add some weights in for an extra challenge.

Wall Holds

This can be done using any wall in your proximity. Sit down with your back to the wall, using your legs as the sole support. Try this for about 30 seconds and be prepared to feel the burn after 10.

Press Ups Trio

Full body workout, girl performing press up variation exercises

A little variation on the typical shoulder width press up, this is great for building muscle with your body weight only. Start with a triangle press up, forming a triangle shape with your hands, directly under your chess. Do one rep. Then move your arms to the standard press up position and do another rep. Now move your hands even wider and perform one more rep. The variation is great to test your ability and also makes sure your chest, triceps and shoulders turn to granite!

Walk Out Press Up

walking forward on hands into press up position, fitness routineThis walk in press up is great for incorporating your shoulders into a full body workout. Stand up straight. Lower your body to place your hands on the floor, hinging at your hips. Now, walk your hand out in front of you moving into a pushup position. Return to the standing position the way you went down and repeat. This exercise can help with flexibility and building muscle at home.

Tricep Dips

Tricep dips performed with chair by girl in workout gearUse a chair, couch end or sturdy partner – whatever is easiest for you. With your back to the chair, squat down a little and grip the chair edge with your palms, fingers facing forward. Step your feet forward as desired. Dip down until your arms are a 90 degree angle, then push upward back to the starting point. Make sure to keep your elbows inward, don’t flare them out.  

Mountain Climbers

Fitness model on floor doing mountain climbers, moving knee to elbowThis is where you earn that cookie you had your eye on. For mountain climbers, you can get into a press up position to begin. Hold your body up with your arms straight, shoulders positioned over wrists. Bring your right knee towards your right elbow, keeping the foot off the floor. Bring the right foot back to the starting position and do the same on the left side. To get a good sweat going, go as fast as you can.


fitness model performing plank position working out at home on yoga matThe classic plank. Place your forearms straight out in front of you on the ground, elbows under shoulders. Your feet will be about hip width apart. Keep the back of the neck long, eyes looking towards the floor. Engage your core. Try holding this position for 30 to 45 seconds. Make sure to keep the glutes down and your body inline.

So, there you have it! Some of the best bodyweight exercises you can do for a blood pumping full body workout. Add in weights, dumbbells, resistance bands – whatever you feel will help you build muscle at home and get your neighbours asking for fitness tips.

Here at Elverys, we know a thing or two about fitness. Get in touch with our team if you have any more questions on getting a great full body workout with bodyweight exercises at home.

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