February 18, 2019

BackBaller at Intersport Elverys

Back Baller

The BackBaller is specifically designed to self-treat muscles in your upper & lower back. Due to the stability & control offered it goes beyond & is now the foremost product to knead out all muscle groups. The BackBaller is a essential product for any active athlete working every muscle group.

The BackBaller is a foam of a bumpy foam roller with a structured operating system that allows easy control. It get’s teeth into the muscles for an even greater self Myofacial release. You can take foam rolling to the next level with the BackBaller, by putting you in total control over the force applied in an unprecedented secure and comfortable manner.

What is Myofascial Release Therapy?
Myofascial release is a form of soft tissue massage intended to support pain relief, increase range of motion, and balancing of the body. Techniques can include manual and self-massage.

The Baller program

The BackBaller is a essential product for any active athlete working every muscle group. The Baller program is a program that is designed to treat all your muscles effectively and if used regularly it will be sure to unlock your athletic potential. The muscles groups that it specifically targets in the program are the Back, Upper Back, Lats, Glutes, Hamstring, IT Band, Quad, Groin, Calf and Shin while working many other areas of the body in the process. They recommend spending two minutes on each muscle group in the program.

Muscle Baller 

The Muscle Baller is the latest product from the BackBaller specialists. Muscle Baller is the single more compact version, it provides the stable base in which you can perform all your favourite SMR techniques with incredible control & stability.

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