July 28, 2020

Back To Sport Essentials

Get ready for the return of School and Back to Sport at Intersport Elverys. We know that it can be difficult to find everything your youngsters require, but we have all you need for sport, school and PE, including, backpacks, water bottles, footwear, mouth guards and balls and more. Take a look below to find all you’ll need. If you need more information, drop into one of our stores nationwide and talk to one of our many in-store experts.


We know Back to School shopping can be tough at times, especially when you are looking for useful information on finding the correct school bags or back packs. We thought we’d simplify the process. Picking a new school bag for Back to School is very important, and the one you choose can vary depending on your child’s age and height. Before looking through the bags we have on offer (which you can find HERE), we will take you through a few key aspects to look for when making your choice. Find out everything you need to know about backpacks HERE.


With all the excitement of getting back to games and training, but maybe not so much with getting back to school, you may want to treat the kids to a new pair of football boots. We have a wide range of kids football boots for everyone who plays GAA, Football, Rugby and more. Find all our boots online HERE or shop in-store, where our experienced staff will give you the expert advice you need. You can also click HERE to find out how to pick the perfect football boot for you. We advise that you always try on footwear before you make the purchase.


One of the most important aspects of the kids going back to school, is finding them the perfect pair of footwear. Having a comfortable fit is very important for growing and active kids (you can find the perfect fit HERE). Here at Intersport Elverys, we have a fantastic selection of footwear from all the top brands including Nike, adidas, Puma and Skechers, as well as lots of black footwear, if that’s what the school uniform requires. Check out our range of footwear in-store or find our full range of kids footwear HERE, and have them ready to go back to school and sport.

Water Bottles

If you had been watching the Premier League or your local GAA team, you’ll have seen that players take water breaks mid way through each half, so they can have a drink from their own bottle as they cannot be shared. This is the same across all sport and in school. Everyone will need to have their own water bottle wherever they go, be in school or playing sport. Pick up your own water bottle HERE or in-store.


Almost every child (and adult to be fair) will find great enjoyment out of a ball of some sort. Be it a kick about with a Nike or adidas football, throwing a Gilbert rugby ball, or target practice with an O’Neills ball, the games are limitless. They are a great way of encouraging physical exercise. When kids are going back to school and sport, they may be encouraged to bring their own ball, in the interest of safety. Intersport Elverys has you covered, as we have a wide range soccer, GAA, basketball, rugby balls and more available in-store and online. Take a look at our range of balls HERE.

Mouth Guards

With contact sport coming back for kids, including school teams and PE, having a mouth guard is vital and in a lot of cases it’s mandatory, especially for Gaelic games and rugby. Whether you are looking for a boil and bite guard or a more comprehensive self-fit one, Intersport Elverys has all you need. Check out our range of mouth guards HERE or get expert advice in one of our stores.

Here at Intersport Elverys, we have everything you’ll need to get you kids ready for going back to school and getting ready for sport. Drop into one of our stores (when they reopen) or visit our website HERE.