September 15, 2017

Adidas Launch New Z.N.E Pulse Collection

Last month, adidas Athletics debuted its new Z.N.E. Pulse collection in London and Intersport Elverys went along to witness the unveiling. The new range of apparel was inspired by athletes—specifically, their increasing heartbeats before a game.

In order to get the best results possible, adidas worked directly with their athletes during the development process. Designers picked the players’ brains about what they wanted the pieces to look like, what materials were most comfortable, and any innovations they wanted to see.

“In Athletics, we constantly aim to enable athletes to give their best, by providing them with apparel that makes them feel comfortable and allows them freedom of movement without distraction,” said Christina Schramm, Senior Design Director.

The collection includes the new Z.N.E Pulse 2.0 and the Z.N.E Pulse Knit hoody and tapered sweatpants for men, as well as sweats and a long cover-up for women—all of which were made with breathable merino wool. Each piece has features made to fit the lifestyle of an athlete. The slightly oversized hoodie, for instance, was designed to help athletes block out paparazzi camera flashes. The fabric used for the knit hoodie also ensures the wearer stays cool.

The collection will be worn by a selection of leading athletes from across a range of sports. This includes Manchester United midfielder Paul Pogba and Real Madrid forward Gareth Bale, basketball stars James Harden and Jamal Murray and leading tennis player’s Angelique Kerber.


The collection feels good,” says Denver Nuggets guard Jamal Murray, who was one of the adidas athletes present at Z.N.E. Pulse collection launch in London. “I can wear it any time, whether I’m training or not. I can wear it to all my events. I like it. It’s comfortable.

The adidas Athletics Z.N.E. Pulse collection will be available at Intersport Elverys ->



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