March 29, 2020

Advice On Selecting The Correct Tennis Racket

In tennis, it is vital that you select a tennis racket which suits your game. Here at Intersport Elverys we have a great selection of tennis rackets on our website. Take a look below, as we’ve outlined some of the main elements that you need to take into consideration when you’re purchasing a tennis racket.

Choosing The Correct Racket

Ultimate control racket – Small head/heavy weight/thin beam for a long or fast swing

Head size range – 98 sq in and below.

Weight range – 300g – 340g

Beam width range – 22mm or less

Suitable for advanced players or powerful intermediates players.

Power control racket – over sized head/lightweight/tick beam for a medium to full swing

Head size range – 90 sq in – 102 SQ in

Weight range – 280g – 300g

Beam width range – 22mm or 22mm

Suitable for all player types – this racket has a good mix of power and control. Ideal first adult racket and a physically strong beginner.

Light-weight – over sized power racket for a compact swing

Head size range – 102 sq in – 110 SQ in

Weight range – 225g – 280g

Beam width range – 25mm or 28mm

Suitable for Beginners and intermediates especially those who are not physically strong

Not suitable for physically strong players or very young players.


Racket guide for kids under the age of 10 and younger

3 stages: Red, Orange and green.

Kids are given all the tools to succeed at this sport, with smaller courts, properly sized tennis rackets and tennis balls designed to be played at a slower speeds to help kids learn and grow into the game as they get older.

Types of tennis balls

Pressurized ball This is a tournament ball and is used by advanced and professionals players, these are one the most common used. The internal air pressure gives a greater bounce, speed and spin, this fades quite quickly over time. Study found, the life span of pressurized balls lasts for 2 weeks.

Pressureless ball General used for beginners, practice and recreational play. Bounce from the rubber shell, not the air inside means they wont lose there bounce like standards ball, in fact they actually gain bounce as the outer felt begins to fade, Only con is, some players find this ball to be heavier to play with.

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