June 13, 2018

The Runners Review – Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 35

In 1983 Nike introduced the Pegasus. A shoe designed for every runner, named after the winged half-horse to represent style, quickness and the ability to fly! The 35th edition of Nike greatest ever selling shoe lives up to the name! The look has changed over time but the shoe has stayed true to its roots, it’s a fast, lightweight, responsive running shoe.

Now that the Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 35 has had some time to breathe on the market we handed a pair over to the runners in the office and here’s what they thought.

Once you put your foot into the shoe you instantly recognise the Pegasus has followed in the footsteps of those that have gone before and the one thing that has changes in the 35 years is the lightweight and responsive feel. This is a shoe that is so full of life and gives you instant energy feedback once your foot hit the ground.

The fit and feel has definitely improved. The mesh upper allows your foot to breath while keeping you secure without limiting movement or comfort. The Flywire cables give you that locked down feel and allow you to adjust the wide of the shoe to a certain extent. New to the 35 is the newly located bottom eyelet. You can feel the difference as the eyelets are moved up away from the forefoot allowing better fit and superior flex in transition. Speaking of transition, this has been greatly improved with the all new bevelled heel. This new concept allows for more precise touchdown through the running gait, smooth and comfortable transition from heel to toe pushing you into your next stride. The fact that it looks cool and fast is just a nice added bonus!

The Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 35 is built for every runner and every run, however I like it as a fast shorter distance shoe. Perfect for 5km like your weekly parkrun or 10km to half marathon. While you can cover the full marathon distance in them I’d recommend this shoe for an advanced to elite marathon runner, if you are a beginning marathoner I’d look for a shoe with more cushioning. The Pegasus is a shoe with neutral support, so it leaves off the extra weight from padding that more supportive shoes would have.

The Pegasus is designed for performance, but it doesn’t hurt that it looks amazing too. The 35 comes with a fast, slick design emitting speed in look and feel. Coming in a range of colours we got you covered whatever your style.



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