June 5, 2018

FootBalance: The Insoles

Your feet are the foundation of your body and often pain and discomfort stem from incorrect alignment of the feet. It’s widely accepted that there are three different foot types; overpronation, underpronation or supination and neutral, and on top of that four different arch types; collapsed arch, low arch, normal arch and high arch. It is also quite common for people’s feet to differ from right to left. So a one size fits all is far from the case when it comes to insoles. The insole you choose should meet your specific needs and goals whether you use them for performance, posture alignment or simply comfort reasons.

Once you have had you feet accessed in one of our stores it’s time to choose your FootBalance 100% Custom Insoles with the help of one of our experts. During you conversation with our expert you will find they will ask you quite a few questions. At this time it’s recommended to share as much information about your goals and what you want your insole to do. From this our expert will recommend the perfect insole for you.

Tested by 50 doctors and 5 physiotherapists with over 3000 patients before launching there are a number of different insoles coming in different sizes, widths and levels of stiffness and cushions.

First we have the Dynamic Blue and Dynamic Pink. Our best selling insole, this is a great all-round model offering great shock absorption and comfort with medium cushion and low stiffness. The Dynamic insoles support provides flexibility giving strong energy return to the feet, ideal for runners. The Dynamic Pink is specifically designed for women featuring a smaller heel cup and narrower shape with a balance plate proportioned for narrow feet.

The Max insole offers greater support with high cushioning and stiffness, ideal for high impact activities. It is suitable for more robust recreational users and performance athletes.

Featuring a stiffer core designed to give more support for individuals with excessive overpronation. An excellent choice for those needing more support under their feet.


If your short for time you can try our FootBalance Quickfit Insoles. The FootBalance QuickFit is a self heat mouldable, pre-shapes custom insole. It offers great shock absorption, comfort and dynamic support ideal for running, training or everyday use.


The FootBalance QuickFit Standard Insole is designed for a normal or high arch foot. The insole comes in a standard and narrow width and is suitable for sport and leisure wear.


The FootBalance QuickFit Control Insole is designed for a normal or high arch foot. The insole is a narrow-fit and is specially designed for tight fitting football boots to provide increased control and support.

Call in-store to see our FootBalance 100% Custom Insoles or click the link to view our FootBalance QuickFit range HERE

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