June 30, 2020

Back To Pitch Training – The Essentials

Our lives are finally getting back to some sort of normality, with sport all over Ireland starting to resume. People, young and old cannot wait for their local GAA, Soccer or Rugby club to get back into action, so they can pull on their club colours again to run out onto the pitch or just to cheer them on. While training and games are back underway, there are lots of changes to training and match days. Each players will be required to have all their own gear and equipment, in order to comply with government regulations. Intersport Elverys has all you need to ensure that you’ve all the equipment you need, from water bottles to rollers. Take a look below to find all you’ll need.


After such a long time away from the pitch, making sure your muscles are activated and your body is ready for intense action is essential. Having a roller can help you avoid injury. As you will no longer be able to borrow one of your team mates rollers, now is the time to invest. Here at Intersport Elverys, we have rollers to suit everyone from Back Ballers to foam rollers. Find all our rollers HERE or shop in-store (when they reopen), where our staff can guide you towards the roller which will suit you best.

Resistance Bands

Just like rollers, resistance bands are a gear bag essential which cannot be shared with team mates anymore. They help to activate your body before training and games. Here at Intersport Elverys, we have bands from USF, Body Sculpture, Lets Band and more. Find all our resistance bands HERE or shop in-store (when they reopen) where our staff can give you the advice you need before purchasing.

Water Bottles

If you have been watching the Premier League, you’ll have seen that players take water breaks mid way through each half, so they can have a drink from their own bottle as they cannot be shared. This will be the same procedure when games in Irish sport resume. Adults and kids will need to have their own bottle when playing games or training. Pick up your own water bottle HERE or in-store (when they reopen).


With dressing room out of action, players may need mats to do their stretches at home, in the car park or on the field. Here at Intersport Elverys we have mats from Daricia and Fitness Mad. Take a look at all the mats we have to offer HERE or in-store (when they reopen).


With all the excitement of getting back to games and training, you may want to treat yourself or the kids to a new pair of boots. We have a wide range of boots for everyone who plays GAA, Football, Rugby and more. Find all our boots HERE or shop in-store (when they reopen) where our experienced staff will give you the expert advice you need. You can also click HERE to find out how to pick the perfect football boot for you. We advise that you always try on footwear before you make the purchase.

Gear Bags

With training and games back and summer camps on the horizon, you might need a new gear bag to hold all of you gear. Here at Intersport Elverys we have a great selection. Take a look at our bags and backpack HERE or head into one our stores (when they reopen) and get advice from our staff if you want to know more.

Intersport Elverys want to wish all players returning to play the best of luck. Find all our football, Rugby, GAA gear and more in-store (when they reopen) or online HERE.