April 21, 2020

Finding The Perfect Leggings For You

Whether you train for your sport, a competition or just for you, it’s important to find the right pants and leggings to suit your activity. We have taken a closer look at the latest range of pants and leggings from all your favourite brands including Nike, adidas, Under Armour, Puma and more. So if you’re into running, yoga or if HIIT is your thing, we can help you find the perfect pair.

Most are designed for either running or training but if you do both, then you might want to consider the length, fabric or features that work for you.

Like any purchase, you want to know what’s available and how the various features benefit you. Only then can you be sure that’s the pair you need.


Many running leggings offer higher compression, temperature-regulating fabric technologies and tend to have a lower waist band. Compression is designed to help reduce muscle fatigue and speed up recovery.

Generally speaking, training leggings tend to offer medium compression and have a higher waist band to support controlled movements.

Yoga then tends to have a lighter compression, a wider waist band and fabric that allows for maximum stretch.

Leggings or pants made for sport will offer breathable, moisture-wicking fabrics to keep you cool and dry, which is what differentiates them from style leggings.

Fits and Features

Low, mid or high rise can be a personal preference. Similarly length. Capris or just below the knee are popular coming into Summer. 7/8 sits lower down your calves or full length extends to the bottom of your leg.

Depending on the price point, products will offer varying benefits. So when you’re browsing, think about the level of compression you need for the level of activity you’re doing. As will added features such as zipped pockets and panels that promote ventilation or seams that prevent chaffing. You’ll be happy to hear most global sports brands are now upping their sustainability efforts and using recycled materials, and so on. You can read more about these on the product description pages HERE.

You will notice that the majority of our range is black as we like to wear our favourite leggings every day and black goes with everything. Rest assured, if they are made for sport, they are made with fabrics that wash well and hold their shape.

So no matter what you wear, the most important thing is staying active, and feeling comfortable doing so. To help stay motivated, connect with us on social media where we’ll offer daily advice and content to support your work outs at home. Take a look at our leggings HERE.