March 29, 2020

How To Measure For Boxing Gloves

Choosing the correct pair of gloves is one of the most important things you can do when getting started, wearing the wrong gloves can affect the quality of your training not to mention can increase your chance of injury.

To get the right glove for you, first of all you will need to determining your size all gloves comes in Ounces, getting the right fit will determine on your body weight and your purpose for the glove, 10 ounce gloves are most common for bag work, while 14, 16, 18 and 20 ounce gloves are used for sparring.

The size of the glove is determined by the amount of padding inside of the glove, the heavier the weight the more padding meaning your hands will be more protected.

Boxing Glove Size Guides

Finding the correct boxing bag

First of all you need to choose the right boxing bag that suits your body size and training intensity.

To get the right size, the general rule of thumb is take your body weight and divide by 2, round up to the nearest 10.

This will allow you to punch harder on the bag with good power, the bag will also swing that imitates well while moving like a real boxer and practice defense and offence movements.

If the bag is too light it will swing to much it will never provide sufficient resistant to placing a power punch. On the other hand if the bag is to heavy you will feel like you are punching a solid wall.

Finding the correct boxing bag for your weight

Finding the correct hand wraps


Hand wrap are extremely helpful in preventing injury to the wrist or hands. Weather sparring or on a heavy bag.


Wraps should be tight, you should be able to wriggle your fingers and make a closed fist inside the glove.


Recommend length 450cm as this will accommodate small and large hands, additional material can be doubled up around the wrist and knuckles.

How to wrap your hand

Tips for cleaning

When washing your wraps, turn the Velcro back in on itself. Place wraps in a laundry bag to avoid getting revealed in other garments when loose.

Avoid putting them into the dryer, let the dry naturally, then ALWAYS re-roll the wraps ready for your next session.

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