March 19, 2020

Workout at Home With Your Kids | Wherever You take Training

We are looking at some workout tips for you to do with the kids at home to ensure everyone in the house is kept active while having some fun together !

Everything you with read about below can be done within the comfort of your own home and with an emphasis on getting your kids Involved. It is a fun way to get your kids active while ensuring you are pushing yourself and working up a sweat!

The key thing when working out with kids is making it fun while adding a little bit of friendly competitiveness making sure everyone is enjoying themselves.

Check out our HIIT Workout with Kids Below;


Firstly Shaking Off any cobwebs, we will start by

Swinging Arms Forward and Backwards for 5 Seconds

Warming Up Hips and getting Core Activated Place Hands on Hips and move hips in circular motion, then opposite direction for 10 Seconds, use a Hula Hoop if you have one or even pretend there’s an imaginary one.

Jog on Spot to Sprint

Jumping Jacks /Clap Jacks

Skipping on spot (Add Skipping Rope if you wish)

X10 Seconds for each exercise

Repeat x2

Now you should be all warmed up, make sure to get your water in!

THE HIIT Workout 6 Rounds

20 Seconds Fun HIIT with Kids

+10 Seconds Burpees (KIDS Rest)

30 Seconds Rest (Adults & Kids)

Our Fun HIIT Includes:

Round One

  1. Press Ups

Adults – 8 Press Ups

Kids- 4 Press Ups (Knees On Floor)

+10 Seconds Burpees (KIDS Rest)

30 Seconds Rest (Adults & Kids)

Round Two

  1. Front Punches

Adults – Squat Position(If you have Dumbbell’s you can add them in, to really challenge yourself)

+10 Seconds Burpees (KIDS Rest)

30 Seconds Rest (Adults & Kids)

Round Three

  1. Bear Crawls

Kids can chase and try catch each other in the bear crawl position to add the fun.

+10 Seconds Burpees (KIDS Rest)

30 Seconds Rest (Adults & Kids)

Round Four

  1. Ball Hops

If you have no ball just imagine a ball in between Feet and Hop for 20 Seconds

+10 Seconds Burpees (KIDS Rest)

30 Seconds Rest (Adults & Kids)

Round Five

  1. Front Kicks

Adults – Kick to Squat to Kick

Kids – Just Karate Kick

+10 Seconds Burpees (KIDS Rest)

30 Seconds Rest (Adults & Kids)

Round Six

  1. Jump Jacks

Adults- Regular Jump Jacks

Kids- Clap Jacks

+10 Seconds Burpees (KIDS Rest)

30 Seconds Rest (Adults & Kids)

Note each HIIT exercise try do as many as possible in 20 Seconds even add a little competitiveness

with your kids by seeing who gets the most reps in!

Now it is tough , it may get hectic with the kids but it is part of the Fun , all working hard together in your home! Feel free to mix and match what workouts work for your whole family.

If you want a little warm down with the kids follow this;

1.Lie Down – Arms / Legs in Air Shake the Body Out.

  1. Standing Up , Hold On to One Leg then the Other for 10 Seconds Per Leg.

Adults hold on to Kids hand if you need…

  1. Bend Over With Hands Trying To Touch Toes (Feeling the Stretch In Your Hamstring, Do not over Stretch just Focusing on your Breathing Feel the Stretch in the Back of Your Legs !

Keeping an eye on your Breathing to get your Heart Rate Down!

Now Time to Refuel For Your Day Ahead!

Give it a Go and Hope you Enjoy!

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