January 30, 2020

Recovery Tips | 3 ways to recover

We’ve all been there. Muscle soreness the next few days after a tough workout. When you’re experiencing muscle aches or DOMS(Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness) it is important to find ways to recover so you can have an effective workout next time you train. Here are some active tips we recommend you use to recover.

Foam Rolling 

Foam rolling is hugely popular at the moment and is recommended for anyone interested in fitness and sport who suffer from any muscle aches or DOMS. It’s benefits include muscle tightness relief, reduced inflammation, increased flexibility, improve recovery and are great for cooling down and warming up.  They’re also affordable, easy to store and portable. Foam rolling is basically a massage that you can give to yourself. On that if you can get a massage easy enough than all the better but foam rolling is great for on the go quick frequent recovery. There are a number of foam rollers on the market.


Stretching/Resistance Bands 

Stretching is great if you’re feeling tender and tight. There are numerous ways to stretch out each body part to ease some discomfort. Resistance bands are a great accessory to use for relieving DOMS and getting that extra stretch that you mightn’t necessarily be able to get when stretching. As this is recovery we wouldn’t recommend to over do the stretches straight away but ease your ways into harder exercises. Likewise with resistance bands, a light strength on the band should be a good starting point until you’re comfortable to increase the resistance. Stretching and resistance bands are also great for improving flexibility.


When you’re drained and sore from a workout, walking would be the last thing on your mind but walking can actually be quite beneficial when it comes to reducing DOMS and muscle soreness. After a big session your muscles can get very stiff from doing nothing, walking increases the blood flow and circulation in the body reducing muscle stiffness. There are also countless additional benefits to the mind and body that come with walking. This is a practice that would be great to incorporate into your training routine to help you recover after every exercise. It’s important to have the right footwear for walking, we would recommend you see what foot type you are. People are commonly either neutral or stability footing. You can inquire about this in our stores.

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