April 9, 2019

Get Ireland Running – Indoor VS Outdoor Running

As part of our Get Ireland Running campaign with Athletics Ireland we thought we would discuss some on the differences between running indoors on a treadmill and running outdoors and talk about some of the benefits that come with each.

Indoor Running

Treadmills can be an excellent and useful piece of equipment for runners, especially when weather conditions aren’t the best and it isn’t the safest to run or if you are coming back from an injury. Using a treadmill allows you to mix up your routine and allows you to run safely or at a faster pace and help make sure you reach a proper level of exertion that you want. Running on a treadmill can let you do hill or incline training if you don’t have access to a steep hill or incline outside. Treadmills can help prevent injury as the belt of a treadmill is more forgiving than the hard ground outdoors, this is important when coming back from an injury. While there are benefits of both there are still key differences.

When running on a treadmill it is powered from underneath you, meaning you work different muscle groups than you would outdoors. The impulsions from running outdoors is made by you using your stride to move. When running on a treadmill you are using your quads to push off the belt, unlike when you are running outdoors, your hamstrings are the more dominant muscle you use to push off the ground as you are creating your own stride and own impulsion. This means that treadmill running doesn’t allow you to use your hamstrings as much as you would when running outdoors so it’s important to warm-up properly. See our warm-up blog HERE for more info.

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Outdoor Running

Outdoor running carries so many benefits, being outside running in the fresh air can do wonders for your mental well being. Outdoor air is very fresh and less polluted than indoor recycled air. You also get to see and interact with other people with similar goals to you out running and walking. This is the kind of positivity you need to see when running.

Running outdoors will expend more energy than running indoors and can result in a harder workout than on a treadmill. As you need to be more aware when outdoors about the environment around you. The terrain or ground you are running on can make your run more strenuous or make you adapt to the resistance of wind or rain. Wind resistance is great for strength when running, if you were on a treadmill you would have to increase your incline for the wind resistance effect. Running outdoors also allows you to get your daily dose of vitamin D, which is so important, and one vitamin which a lot of Irish people lack in. Don’t forget to wear your SPF though, when we do get those sunny days! Running outdoors can also be a great social aspect as there are many parks runs and local running groups that get together and run.

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The Get Ireland Running campaign is a great way to start running whether that be indoors or outdoors, there’s a run in #allofus!


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