March 1, 2019

Ultimate Guide To Choosing The Best Football Boots | Elverys

Here at Intersport Elverys, we pride ourselves on having a wide range of football boots from all the top brands, to suite everyone. Whether you play Soccer, GAA or Rugby we will have something to suit your needs. Having all the key information about a boot is vital when you are considering which boot to purchase. Also, Intersport Elverys have you covered if you need to get the perfect fit. We offer a comprehensive foot measuring service in-store for adults and kids, to ensure that the boot you pick fits like a sock. Below, we will outline all the information you need when selecting boots for yourself or your kids.

What is the difference between Firm Ground or Soft Ground Football boots?

Everyone should know the difference between FG (Firm Ground) and SG (Soft Ground) football boots, when looking to acquire a new pair. It is fairly simple really. Firm ground football boots typically have moulded blade shaped studs, for use on hard and dry surfaces. They are perfect for the summer when the ground is usually dry and firm. Firm ground boots are also perfect for astroturf surfaces. Checkout our FG boots HERE!

Soft Ground football boots usually have aluminum studs, in order to grip the wet and muddy grass surfaces. SG boots are ideal for use in Ireland due to the unpredictability of the weather and many grass surfaces can stay soft all year round. Checkout our SG boots HERE!

It is important that you select the correct boot type for use on a particular surface (firm or soft), as the boot you are wearing will affect the grip you will have and could result in slipping and sliding on the pitch.

What is the difference between P1, P2, P3 Football boots?

A lot of people wonder what the different between P1, P2 and P3 football boots are? Put simply, the different boots are:

  • P1 – Top end on field boots worn by Nike and adidas sponsored athletes.
  • P2 – Mid level top end club player.
  • P3 – Entry level/part time player.

Astroturf boots

Astroturf boots are basically football boots without the studs. They are perfect for anyone playing five-a-side football with their friends. They are also great for kids who play outdoors, as they withstand a lot of wear and tear. Find out astroturf boots HERE!

Checkout our full range of football boots for adidas, Nike and Puma as well as jerseys, balls and much more HERE.